Sustainability and the next generation food

FlowFood is the norwegian next generation green food that can help restore both the planet and our health. FloowFood is created with an innovative approach connected to rewarded vegetarian&vegan expertice and ground-breaking research and development on sustainable, healthy and great tasting alternative to meat.

This is food made to save the planet, both for each and everyone of us who cares for our health, but maybe most of all because it might be the easiest way to actually do something with the human climate effect on the earth….and it tastes and feels great too! 🙂

Everything we do is created with passion and understanding of the human nature intervention that seems to have been long forgotten in a profit oriented world. The love for food and respect for nature have been sentral in utilizing the right super quality raw materials into high end products. We use seaweed from the pure and nutriotious arctic and nordic coastline of Norway and the best vegetables from the nordic table. Both are world class renonwed gifts from our earth.

We cherish this by our company filosophy through making truly sustainable food products with far more carbon capture potential and restorativ properties than other food resources.

It is actually simple to avoid a climate crisis by a slight change in habits. Just one meal ekstra of veggie/vegan food for all of us will make a massive impact on the carbon foot print we leave behind. Just imagine how crazy it is to use 70% of our lands to grow cow feed and 1% to grow vegetables and plants?!

Stupid if you ask me – espescially when there exist food like the products we in FlowFood are so priviliged and proud to present.

We need many more like us. Only then can we change the world for real!

with ♥

Christer, Founder

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