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We are the people behind The Flowfood Company, a diverse group of people, located in the heart of the Nordics. We believe our values of equality, openness and compassion are a key part of happiness and well-being. We want to share this with others.

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Meet Our Team

Christer Heimtoft

Flow Manager & Founder

The northern most region of Norway was my birth place. In this arctic region people have a close and historic connection to the nature.

My passion for health and food has been shaped in my early years with my mother allways preparing food from ground up by using whole and healthy raw materials, most of the time with fantastic quality seafood, but also traditional clean Norwegian foods from crop and land. The pure sea waters and the clean soils of Norway has given us the best quality of seafood and root vegetables, both essential foods in the norwegian cuisine.

The passion for healthy food and overall health has lead me into discovering microalgeas almost 20 years ago. We know how healthy fish is compared to meat, and the same actually goes for seaweed compared to vegetables. The ideá of utilizing the norwegian seaweed in food came to me many years ago when I saw a biolog sitting on the shore and reducing different seaweed to functional natural food ingredients like starch.

The Norwegian cost-line is the longest and one of the cleanest in the world. Upon the creation of the Flowfood concept, the norwegian macroalgae was not utilized as a raw material in the modern Norwegian kitchen as well as in many other countries in Europe. The potential of growing seaweed in Norway is substantial in a global perspective, and the positive environmental effects is far to high to ignore.

Seaweed is as sustainable as it gets - It aborbs a whopping 360 kilos of CO2 from the atmosphere for every ton we use! This is the only edible food I know of that has this extraodrinary climate regulating potential by growing ten times faster then vegetables at the same time capturing wast amounts of CO2. We can actually change the direction of the human carbon impact amazingly fast by just eating one or two meals of vegan/vegetarian food every week, specially when seaweed is in the mix.

Seaweed is also truly a nutritional bomb that could surprise everyone with its palpable health effects.

I belive our solution is an example on how to adress many of the challenges of the industrial food industry. There are nutritional concerns in processed foods connected to global soil depletion and a focus on profit - and there is a fast expanding need for next generation sustainable foods that will save the planet. Luckily, the food that can help restore the planet can also help restore us humans.

Richard Nystad

CEO and co-creator

Richard Nystad is one the first and most profiled “green chefs” in Norway. He is one of the founders behind the health concepts Hagen and Persillery in Trondheim. He has travelled all over Norway and presented a healthy food philosophy in the form of lectures, food courses, presenting dishes to festival goers across the world.

Richard is responsible for the Flowfood product value chain.

Fia Gulliksson (SWE)

Creative director and co-creator

Food and sustainability advocate Fia Gulliksson has put Jämtland, in the heart of Sweden, on the global culinary map. Fia is a serial entrepreneur and a self trained chef focused on creative gastronomy. Charged with the spirit of Pippi Longstocking and the vigour of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, Fia Gulliksson is a force to be reckoned with. Gulliksson is also a chef, typical of Scandinavia’s burgeoning reputation as a culinary powerhouse.

She uses food and culture as the tools for sustainable profits and the Flow mince is her brainchild and The Great Nordic Feast in London UK was managed Gulliksson.
She’s CEO of Food In Action founded by her in 2000. The company has launched a number of successful initiatives and sustainable brands that have catalysed the development of the county of Jämtland’s development and put the region firmly on the map. What’s more, Fia’s companies provide enduring social and cultural capital in rural areas.

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Beautiful Food

Seaweed is a substantial part of the largest ecosystem on earth


The Mysterious North

The Nordic cuisine offers intriging tastes and lets the mind wander of to the myths of our ancestors - The Norse gods, the mountain trolls and the Vikings


The Flowfood company

We make healthy plant based food on raw materials from the sea and the soil. Our products are rich in minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Our ingredients are grown locally in the clean environment of The Nordics. Our food is sustainable, the flavors tasty and exotic!

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