Flowfood’s healthy green products are rich in minerals, fibre, protein and antioxidants
Flowfood products are sustainable, tasty and come in natural and exotic flavours
Flowfood is based on norwegian seaweed and vegetables, locally sourced and produced with passion and the highest quality demands.

Flow Mince

Flowfood mince is a new and unique raw material that you can use as a main ingredient instead of meat.

It is the first innovative new plant-based commodity from The Flowfood company. The product is perfect as a topping on pizza or in a lasagne. Flow mince has similar effects and behaviour in cooking as a meat mince and it comes in four different flavours.
  • The Nordic – The home or professional chef`s basis ingredient. Comes with natural flavours and serves well as a universal commodity. Just add salt and pepper or your own favourite spices.
  • The Mediterranean – To your Italian or French food night.
  • The Mexican – Perfect for Mexican street food like taco, burrito and quesadillas.
  • The Asian Great for Indian or maybe Thai style.

Flow Burger

The Flow Burger is a fantastic blend of sustainable and healthy raw materials mixed with innovative food techniques and a passion for great tasting food.
Our goal has been to make a juicy and great tasting meat free burger.

Flow Veggie Balls

The Flow Veggie Balls are a great alternative to meat balls. The balls are made on the basis of the Flow Mince.